Unitus 即将到来的hardfork(分叉)-2017-6-3

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About the upcoming hardfork

With the release of Unitus, we have a hardfork in the network occurring on 3rd June @ 12:00am UTC. But what does this actually mean?
From this time, one of our existing algorithms (Qubit) will no longer be accepted by the network for new blocks. Instead a replacement algorithm (Argon2d) will work in it's place.
To support this change, all mining pools and solo miners must update to the latest release before the fork-time. If a majority of the miners remain on the old client, the hardfork will fail and Qubit will still function.
All other users of Unitus should also update, to ensure that when the hardfork does occur they are still able to sync their wallets send / receive Unitus.
Why are we doing this? When Unitus was first developed, Qubit was strictly a GPU algorithm, and even modest hashrates could be attained with a modern fast CPU. However since the advent of X11 ASIC's, many of these are able to mine Qubit as well (both Qubit and X11 are chained algorithms, and share many of the same hashing algortihms). Thus it has changed into an ASIC dominated algorithm, which has been shown to encourage centralisation.
Argon2d on the other hand, is strictly a CPU-only algorithm, much the same as Yescrypt. However, Yescrypt as it is currently implemented in Unitus (along with Myriad and Globalboost-Y) could potentially be mined by GPU's due to the low memory utilisation parameters in use. With Argon2d, I have purposefully set the memory usage to be higher, in an attempt to always keep this as a CPU only algorithm. This is inline with the Argon2 designer's recommendations.
We believe CPU-mining encourages decentralisation, enabling almost anyone with a basic computer to be able to mine and help secure the network. This was Satoshi's hope when Bitcoin was first brought to life, and we have all seen what happens when centralisation of mining power occurs.
What to expect short-term
Before the end of May, I will be releasing compiled windows executables and source code for a cpuminer that is capable of mining Argon2d as per the parameters used within Unitus. Along with this, I will be making public a mining pool that you will be able to mine Unitus using Argon2d. As there currently exist no other coins using the same Argon2d parameters, merge-mining Unitus with another coin whilst using Argon2d will not be possible (the other algorithms will remain merge-mined of course). Should another coin fork or be created using the same parameters, this will then open the door to merge mining using Argon2d.
You can monitor the progress as nodes update by checking out the network status page @ http://unitus.online/network
Please post any questions you may have here and I will attempt to answer them when I can.

随着Unitus的发布,我们已经发生的6月3日@上午12:00 UTC在网络中hardfork。但是,这实际上意味着什么呢?
我们为什么要这样做呢?当Unitus首先被开发,量子位严格意义上的GPU算法,甚至适度hashrates可以达到与现代快速的CPU。但是由于X11 ASIC的来临,许多是能矿量子位以及(包括量子比特和X11是链接的算法,并共享许多相同的散列algortihms的)。因此,已经改变到ASIC支配算法,其已被证明鼓励集中化。

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